Aiming a Shotgun in Home Defense and Large Game Hunting Situations

Semi-automatic shotguns fire one shell per pull of the trigger. The magazine then automatically chambers a new round. This makes it easy to fire shots quickly. You should be aware that some states prohibit hunting with semi-automatic gun guns.

Semi-automatic shotguns can jam more easily than pump-action and break-action because they are loaded automatically. Unlike handguns or rifles that measure the barrel’s diameter using caliber, Shotguns use gauge. The measurement of meters dates back to when muzzle-loading guns were still in use. The gauge number is the number of lead balls in a shotgun’s barrel that can be rolled down to Winchester 209 primers make one pound. For example, 12 lead balls of equal diameter can be used to create a 12-gauge shotgun.

Many turkey hunters load high-performance ammunition with Tungsten Super Shot and Hevi-Shot. However, reloading can improve performance for all shotgunners. Clay shooters have been making reloads for every game, whether it be a trap, skeet, or sporting clays. It is easy to get into the weeds quickly and debate the merits of Red Dot or Green Dot, Universal versus Clays powder. This debate goes beyond what this article covers on how to reload shotgun shells. You will soon find your favorite, and this is possible through experimentation. We are here to help you get started.

A reloading guide is the first thing you’ll need. Many to choose from, including Hodgdon, Winchester, and Alliant. These companies produce popular shotshell powders, and their manuals can be downloaded for free. There are many other resources online. However, only use reliable sources within the firearms industry. A manual’s data sets are organized by gauge, payload weight, and shell. Similar sections are available for 16-gauge (or 20-gauge) and 28-gauge (or.410 bore). It performs all functions required to reload a shotgun cartridge. The MEC Sizemaster is used for 12-, 20/16-, and 28-gauge.

There are stations within the Sizemaster that follow a circular layout. The next station installs the wade next station will dispense the shot charge, and the last station will crimp the mouth. MEC presses include a charge bar, three bushings, and a shot weight meter. Although the bushings are accurate, I replaced the stock charge bars with a universal bar that allows you to dial in the exact weight of each charge, down to the one-tenth grain. This eliminates the differences that can occur when you use different powders or shot sizes.

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